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Welcome to ArnaudBarras.ch!

On this website, you will find a selection of some thoughts about the human-world relationship and about the function of mass media in society and its impact upon it. You will also find several collections of poems.

Having noticed that there was a fundamental flaw in the way society and the mass media conceive the human-world relationship, I felt the need to develop my personal understanding and express my thoughts on the subject. The relationship between humans and the world lies at the core of The Interactionality Project, which itself is an attempt at deconstructing and reconstructing our understanding of our place in the world.

The second project arose from the observation that the mass media had a greater role in the shaping of individual minds than I initially thought. This observation encouraged me to dedicate some of my time to rethinking the place and function of media in society. This critique of the mass media underlies The Abrrasiv Project (in French only), whose goal is to analyze through satire the primacy of form over content in mass communication. In the end, it seems that information needs abrasion, in the sense that an understanding of the form of the message is essential for understanding its content.

I decided to publish some poetic compositions of mine on this website. I believe that art is meant to be shared, and not to be kept hidden in a virtual folder of my computer. I have just begun a new collection of poems, entitled Particles of Meaning. My other collections are Oikos, Australian Ideas, Interactions, New Rain and Transpositions, and they can be found in the section Poems. Under the section Australian Ideas, you will find writings I produced in Australia, while reflecting on my exile.

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