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Burn Bright: A Lullaby

Little Fire Burn bright, you're our light Burn strong, you're our son Burn long in our hearts the reminder of our past Mmh Little Fire Burn bright in the night Burn strong in our songs Burn long beauteous star you remind us who we are Mmh Little Fire Your face is all smiles Your voice is our sun Your soul is our bond weaving us into this song Mmh Little Fire You're a star up above You're a candle in our home You're a lighthouse on the shore guiding us when we get lost Mmh Little Fire You fly high in the sky Making darkness disappear Shining down all the time Making beauty reappear Mmh Little Fire You warm us all day long You make us feel so strong You radiate happiness and imbue the world with songs Mmh Little Fire You're the sun of our dreams You're the light of our days You're the warmth of our eves and the summer of our years Mmh