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Coastal sadness

So that's the ocean, whose mood pervades our life, Whose tides shape much of how we live! 'There's no end to it, the girl says to me. He's so big! Can I go in him, can I swim?' One day, you'll dive into it… One day, that girl is grown-up, and she says to me: 'The ocean has killed, has killed a great number… It has come, one morning, and has eaten our summer, As, after waking, a giant drinks a glass of water.' Yes. You're right, I suddenly think. We've done it, We fed his large stomach with our carbon dioxides, We felled trees, we drove cars, increased the tides, Till one day, the ocean was full and vomited its insides. And now, as I scan the area, the coast is a lake, The city drowned, its inhabitants loathe the margins, Where millions die each second, and I'm dreading That one day there won't be life at stake.