Critical, creative and digital writingEcriture critique, créative et numérique

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This poem is about the hidden truths concealed behind the surfaces that make up our environment. It reminds us that meaning is not something easy to identify, that it can lurk behind the appearances of everyday representations. AnimationsMove the pointer on the words to make them appear or disappear. When you click on a word, it will remain lit or dimmed. The buttons Light it up and Make it dark at the bottom do what they say: they light up all the words of the poem, or make them go dark.
09 2015  

Dark Meaning

Words belong where naught exists. Meaning belongs where no words go, where the dimensions of space and time and self are null. Meaning is obscured by its own profusion. But behind the scenes of language, knowledge, and science, there lurks a dark meaning that remains unobserved, merely implied by our inability to cope with the uncertainty of the scientific method. Dark meaning is no less potent, we think, although we can't know for sure, for dark meaning eludes our grasp, our sight, our lives, and yet defines this world's our view.