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14 08 2014  


One year has passed. I'm off to home. I feel sad and happy at the same time. Sad to be happy. Happy to be sad. Sad to be sad. Happy to be happy. I'm a different person now. I'm curious to see how my Genevan life will cope with that fact. I guess we'll see. *** This year has been extraordinary. What makes it strange though is that at one point it felt like it was my ordinary life. The bracketed life had become the main sentence. I was caught in this double-state of feeling "at home" and "estranged" at the same time. Realizing that this is about to end is an odd sensation. I can't really see beyond my flight. I can't picture the life that awaits me in Geneva. I'm stuck staring at the horizon. What I can already feel however is that I will miss my friends! Megan, Scott, Rhianne, Alex, Thomas, Steph, Ben, Sam, Jayne. I've lived the good life with you! You are my friends and it tears me apart to leave you behind. I hope this is good bye, and not farewell though.