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02 06 2021  

From Dusk till Dawn

Close your eyes and dream, love

Dream of lights and shadows
dancing in your mind and on your skin
tickling your senses to life

Dream of fluttering birds of fire
drawing on the canvas of the sky
the wonders of your parents' imagination

Close your eyes and hope, love

Hope that dusk never comes
that dawn always it is that rules your nights
and days unimpeded

Hope that forests of songs keep you company
when in dark times your fears waken
when in dark times your hopes are crushed

Close your eyes, love, and pray

Pray to the unknown and the unsaid
Pray to the tacit and the implied
Pray that never obscure beliefs shackle your hands
and make you a slave to dogmas of the past

Close your eyes and sleep, love

Sleep through dreaming nights bearing in mind
your parents are always here, even in absence,
for in these words lives their soul
always with you from dusk till dawn