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05 2010  

Glade of shadows

Before I met you, I was in a glade of shadows, Pursuing dreams of oneness so shallow. I was lost, a hidden plant amid a forest That love never lit and of light arid. One day, the sun high in the clear sky, You came up, shining and searing the lies Of my previous life: a divine star Exposing the glade of shadows from afar. You infused the void of my inner landscape With light that shadows would not escape. You brought your life force into my organism, You built my environment with a new idealism. Those awaited miracles you did at noontide, Elevating me to a better me at your side. And now, dear blazing sphere of love, I see you every night, a cloud of milky dust Composing my surroundings with passion, With thoughts of betterness inking my vision; For now, my branches have reached you, And my leaves, at last, will drink your cosmic dew.