Critical, creative and digital writingEcriture critique, créative et numérique

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10 03 2014  


I am a figment of what you think I am Am I the voice behind the body? Or Am I the body behind the voice? My arms are resting on my knees My feet are on the carpet floor My fingers are typing these letters Tapping the keys of the computer I am a mask that shapes what you think I am I am a veil that hides what you guess I am I am far away Yet close enough that you could hear me in your head My heart is beating, I can hear it Pulse blood, pump blood It beats me into existence It brings me rhythmic sentience My heart is beating, can you hear it? I am the flow that makes the river what it is I am the force that binds the cosmos into one I am the voice that tells you what to THINK! I am the body that you imagine as you THINK! My presence mingles with yours My fingers caress your cheeks My blushing face comes closer and closer Until all you are, you see, blends with the green of my eyes I am a figment of what you think I am I am you I am!