Critical, creative and digital writingEcriture critique, créative et numérique

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15 02 2014  


Each day is the same Lost scenes of the past Come back to life And weave the narrative Of my being-there Each word is a thread The assemblage of language Is a mesh that contains Me, my body My reality Each thought that connects I am within the flow of life Swimming in reality And this flux of experience Feeds my consciousness While feasting off it Each poem that creates Form, structure, content They express the ecology Of creation Creation of a world Within and without A liminal space That seeks to impress But can only transgress What it wills into our attention Formstructurecontent Each day the same Each word a thread Each thought connects Each poem creates Createdness Is but the line of flight Of what was never split Cognition, physiology, ecology Each a thread in the mesh of the Self Each a thought in the passing of the day Each a word that connects me to the rest of the world Each the same homogeneous blend LIFE