Critical, creative and digital writingEcriture critique, créative et numérique

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Give me some, now, give me light! I've been shut out, a stranger to my life, Forced to sleep outside the city, In the woods, dark woods of plenty. So silent, yet scary, the forest is my enemy. The shushing wind shutting me up, so silly Am I, to talk to the air, to enter their game, Alone in the forest, the darkness trying to tame. I'm lost, I've got no direction to follow. The sky is concealed by the foliage of the heroes, And my fate is shadowed. I'm bound to perish, My corpse soon will discolor and get grayish. Then, I'll show them, I'll rise to heavens, Burning the dome, lighting those cravens With my thirst for life, plunging their beloved city Into an ethereal hell of fire, where light shows them no mercy.