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04 05 2021  

Little Fire

You came with the sun
You came with the day
You came with a crown of fire
and lightened our way

You came with the light
You came from the womb
You came with a smile and a cry
and gave us our boon

You came with the songs of the birds
You came on the day of the moon
You came on the third of May's morn
When the sky was brightening
A child of eagle might and holly garden
For the first time our air breathing

You came with our love
and of our love
You came and you burned
A little fire, a giant joy

You came, my son
You came
And with us, Ayden
You'll grow
You came, my son
You came,
And to you, Ayden
We'll show

We'll show the beauteous days
We'll sing the tenderest rhymes
We'll walk the forested ways
and laugh at the darkness of the night

For you'll always be, little fire
The spark in our eyes
The warmth in our guts
The thrill in our minds
Symbol of our trust

You'll always be, little fire
Our beloved son
The first child in our midst
Our bright holy sun
And you'll always give us, little fire
This feeling of bliss
that forever our minds shall stun

You are the light and tune of this song
A tale of hearth and spark
and fire in the morn