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15 09 2013  

My forest

You are my forest In the forest of my thoughts dwell my dearest friends and relatives my dearest of all My brother the wolf strong and protective always there the alpha male to protect me from evil and hell My father the bear faithful and loyal looming over me encouraging my career My mother the moss that glues the forest together as a whole as a piece of the world My beautiful mother whom I love My mother My artistic core My Leslie the fox white and serene that brings me joy love and happiness all the feelings that I will ever need all the wisdom that I will ever get My Leslie forever here My Leslie with me Jessica my niece the cute baby cub the softness embodied the beauty incarnated Jessica you're here though I'm away from you Over there you're with me always I'll think of you Christelle the dove peaceful and straight a sister in law that I will always praise Remain with us Christelle that's a prayer Remain with us Christelle forever Martin my guide the walrus of my dreams You were there from the start before I knew myself You'll be here at the end when I'll finally know myself Martin thank you for all you did You'll always be a part of me Anna the confidant the air in my forest the friend I always needed when I needed to talk Anna your spirit is hell heaven and earth It is everything I love you all Raoul and Francoise, chamois of the peaks You walk and you walk showing me the way as examples you are dreams to be I wish to be like you Francoise and Raoul Lucas and Romain friends of games Joel, Julien and Giamma friends of drinks friends till the end You are all friends I'll always seek friends in my dream and my reality You are all part of my forest the trees all around and animals You allow me to rest in peace I love you all my dearest friends family You will always be around in my dream in my space Thank you Stay there my ecosystem my life system