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In "My Orbiting Mind" I touch upon the necessity of reenchanting the world around. Language plays an important role in this undertaking. By trying to fix the world in language, I realise the impossibility of the task. AnimationsIn order to break the fixity of language, you can hover the mouse over each stanza, thereby bringing fluidity to the text.
11 2015  

My Orbiting Mind

And then meaning flows unceasingly until all else fails
My eyes are shut, my palms open. A voiceless incantation from the abyss of my brain seeks to bring enchantment back to the world. My mouth is shut, though, and my ears open. And yet I can only hear the silent voice of the material calling out to me to remedy the schism of mindandmatter.
And then form flows continously until all matter yells
But everytime I try to fix meaning into tangible form, my orbiting mind reminds itself to me and shatters the form into fluidity and lets me feel the world as pure complexity.