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05 06 2021  

O Ayden: A Lullaby

O Ayden
You're the love of my life
You're the awaited child
You're the needing baby

O love
You're the light of my days
You're the dark of my nights
And the dreams of my sleep

O Ayden
You're the dim of the dawn
You're the red of the dusk
And the shades in the sun

O son
You're the moon in the night
You're the stars in the sky
And the black of the void

O Ayden
You're the water on earth
You're its rivers of ice
And its clearest of lakes

O sweetie
You're the highest mountains
You're their tortuous paths
And their densest forests

O Ayden
You're the wind in the leaves
You're the soil on the ground
And the dust in the storm

O child
You're our fear and the joy
You're the beauty of love
and our soundest belief

And one day
You'll be grown up like us
An adult in the world
Responsible and wise

You'll remember this song
And you'll smile at the chance
Of hearing your parents

We will be in your mind
We will be in your heart
An everlasting memory