Critical, creative and digital writingEcriture critique, créative et numérique

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14 08 2018  


I is a strange word that bounds the self while splitting it from the you. Isn't it strange indeed that one word be 1letter? Isn't it the biggest lie of the English language? Isn't it the biggest fraud of the system that Iletter be one number? Language makes us forget that we are more than one. Language is the smoke of raging wildfires blinding our senses. Language is the screen of light numbing our critical skills. Language unchecked works against our otherselves and plunges us into dark wells of thoughtlessness as though identity was a black hole entrapping all that matters. We are the ripples on the lake when a drizzling sky reaches for the ground. We are the twinkling stars in the sky when we dream of heightless heights. We are the glittering leaves shimmering to life with the wind after shedding their morning dew like rivers of pearls. We are all of this because we are our otherselves.