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"Reading is Strange" evokes the ubiquity of reading practices and their quality as a continuous transformation from self to other. Although we may think it odd or may have forgotten it, the poem reminds us that reading (world, work, text or context) shapes all aspects of an organism's life, transforming us all the time. AnimationsBy clicking on any word of the poem, you will animate the text into a spiraling line of reading. If you click on a word of the spiral while it's still producing itself, you will finish the animation. When the animation is finished, you can click on any word and the poem will go back to its original form, except that it will now be enriched with another animation, in which words will grow in size upon hovering and clicking.
02 2016  

Reading is strange

Reading is a strange activity. Reading pervades our lives and shapes our minds. Reading is with us, always, whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not. Reading is a strange activity, for reading, some believe, is none other than living, and living, some believe, is but the perpetual movement of self to other, the continuous transformation of word to work to world to all. Reading is a strange activity, but stranger still is its hold on us that brings us back continuously to who we are and to what we seek, and to why we love those beings who speak.