Critical, creative and digital writingEcriture critique, créative et numérique

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01 03 2014  


You think you know and you forget you feel This is how it may have started at the end of the beginning when there was silence when there was the void Seenes of the past resonate with the now We are the same yet different We do not listen to the voices of the world We think we know We forget we feel and we dance alone while others are killed The sounds and smells of mossy trees and cawing crows of whispering streams and muddy banks the steps you take the sloshing sound you feel the wake within your self of this knowledge that you're the land You remember that the forest is but the mind around You remember that the river is but the soul that binds You remember that your steps are but the dance of life You remember that you forgot You remember a lot In the forest where trees and trunks and leaves and branch In the forest where birds and mice and deer and light In the forest where roots fungi where webs of here In the forest In the forest the voices of my world and yours and hers In the forest I remember that I forgot a lot The forest is here It is now It is flowing with words and thoughts It is willing It is sentient It is breathing in prose and love