Critical, creative and digital writingEcriture critique, créative et numérique

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In "Senseless" I write against the alleged power of syntax to order the worlds in and around us; I attempt to break free from the hegemony of verbal language and grammatical structure over experience and process. AnimationsBy hovering the pointer over the lines, you will enact a liberating movement from the clutch of syntax.
01 2016  


The hazy skies of white and grey

wrap me with their delicate hands.

The misty streets of Geneva

clothe me in their silent dance.

When I walk on the paths of imagination,

I find comfort in the belief

that some truths go

beyond the mere sensation

of being blinded by apprehension.

But when words fall prey

to the chaos of syntax

then only do I measure

the senselessness of all life.

Where can I find, then,

the meaning of it all?

Where can I touch, then,

the feelings of the known?

Not in language, for it has lost its way!

Nor in religions, for they've been hollowed out!

Where, then?


In the chaos of syntax!