Critical, creative and digital writingEcriture critique, créative et numérique

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02 12 2013  


In between currents, Held by the flow, Passive and waiting To surface, I write. I think With words That I say Out loud To feel alive, To recall myself To my situation Of a thinking being. I situate myself In between words, Held by the inaction Of outside and inside, I force myself To surface, I shout. I position My being With words That I write By default, To feel life And recall These situations That I miss. I situate myself In between enclosures That we believe we have Without seeing them, I rejoice And rewrite My surfacing. My being Positions itself, Writes itself Without flaws Through words. I remember That I lack So much of my situation. I situate myself In the intersubjective Space, This force field That links us And connects us. I situate myself With you, And I talk to you, And you hear me. And together We build An epic poem Of which We are the heroes For eternity.