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"The Whispering Universe" is a poem about the scientific demonstration that gravitational waves exist and affect the fabric of spacetime. AnimationBy clicking on the button Listen to its voice!, the poem will transform, just like our knowledge of the fabric of reality was transformed by the discovery.
10 2015  

The Whispering Universe

And suddenly we felt their dance
whose gravity had touched us all.
It made me shiver; it made me laugh; it even made me cry, for I'd heard what so many had waited for for so long, the Voice of the Universe, a whisper through spacetime. The two dark lovers brushing each other on a merry-go-round in a faraway cloud have been telling us all for billions of years that Einstein was right before he was born. Their secret encounter rippled through space in bursts of poiesis that in our time feel unparalleled.
In their meeting they engendered a voiceless offspring who forever would stand alone and silent in the universe her domain. After her birth, she's been lonely in this obscure region of the unknown world. Sadly she's been deprived of a part of her forebears that was transmuted into energy and was sent as gift to let us know, insignificant beings of a faraway system, that the wedding of titans was not for us to attend, but only to eavesdrop on. The Whispering Universe is full of promise, second to none in its unpredictability. But when I hear its complex language, I can't help but wonder if I can thrive in verbs and nouns as beautifully as the black holes do in their simple dance of cosmic intimacy.