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13 02 2014  

Ties and sighs

The ties that bind me To the realm of the real, Where are they But with me As I sigh my way Into the path Of lonely feels? My life is but The line of flight Between my self And the world around, And yet I strive To feel the drive That lies beneath my skin. I am attached But not to here Or there Nor to now Or then. I am attached To all that is Or so I feel But this is a lie That acts upon me As the seal of eyes That veils the sea Of those who dream The sighs within me Are knots of melancholy. They tie me to the real While slowing my mind So I can think With signs that heal. My being resonates, Slowly Painfully But alive, Resonates With the voices Of the lonely feels Until I am able To break Free From the thoughts That bind me To the realm of the real This does not make sense And yet it does. The strings of words Have lost meaning. I feel the world But as I speak I break the seal Of those who dream. The strings of words Have lost Their meaning Or so I feel