Critical, creative and digital writingEcriture critique, créative et numérique

 ? 𝞪/A


She asked me to go to the shore with her, To promenade and admire the coast. It was near dusk, I was tired, she was not. She dived into the sea, splashing and laughing. I walked to the border between water and land, My feet wet, my mind restless, and then she cried. Her voice pierced the space, her tears drowned me, I fainted. Some time later, I guess it was, I woke up, Opened my eyes, was blinded by the sun, Whose rays, altered by refraction, dumbed me. Where was she? Not underwater with me, oh no! Again, I opened my eyes and saw her, struggling In the sea, shrieking, shouting for help, Not believing I was motionless seeing her drown. A blink. I rushed to her, swam painfully, Caught hold of her right arm and brought her to my torso. And then the blackness. I could see us from behind. We were swimming, Like dolphins, so gracefully, like sea mammals. My vision was all around, I felt surrounding consciousness, Like a touch to the borders of my head. My mouth full of sea, my lungs burning, Her eyes imploring me to reach the land Before our body transform into sand. I nodded, grasped my strength with my mind, And activated movements in my limbs. I struck the liquid air, punching it with all I had, Till her feet brushed the ground. She cried, Her tears purifying the earth with her survival.