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"Vibrant Meaning" performs the gaze of he who glances through the window on a snowy day, and reflects on the nature of matter. AnimationHere, you have nothing to do but let yourself be mesmerised by the changes of opacity that affect each word.
10 2015  

Vibrant Meaning

I gaze at snowflakes by the window, and they fall unceasingly, blurring the landscape framed by white-painted wood and pale industrial curtains. Seeing this is like plunging into matter. I shut my eyes close and can imagine the vibrant meaning covered by the human scale from which I perceive. Sometimes it feels like what's around is nothing but solid states and fixed arrangements. But when it snows, I can dream the materiality inaccessible to my eyes and I can wrap myself in its vibrancy. And then only can I truly believe that worlds exist where none can see.