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19 10 2020  

Wall of Words

There is a wall of words that blocks my path
to free will and agency
Opaque and threatening, it lurks all around
and severs me from our reality

Dead matter to my eyes, the wall smirks
Dead ideas to your minds, the wall swoons

My field of sight, saturated by wolfish lies,
I cannot but run, hunted down by my fears

But where to hide save behind the wall
swearing protection, offering peace?
But where to cry save behind the wall
harbouring injunctions to order and law?

These songs that alienate
These choruses that kill
These melodies that obliviate
These tunes that shrill
The wall of words that blocks my path
I pierce with blows of thoughts
The wall of words that cuts me off
I sting with smashing rhymes
The wall of words that you have built
I have it collapsed
and in its ruins I feel
finally the feel of life