Critical, creative and digital writingEcriture critique, créative et numérique

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05 2010  


I am under a waterfall That reminds me of your voice. The sound which covers all Selects for me the best choice. You're the dopamine That gives me pleasure. You're the water on my skin Foretelling my future. Your sibylline voice Speaks up my destiny. No word is getting lost, For I drink your originality. With you at my side, My body under the waterfall, I can finally cease to hide And accept my life as a whole. Soak my bones, soak my flesh, Till I awake another man, Purify my being, cleanse me drench So that all I want shall I have. Be my endorphin, dear, Ease my pain, stroke my brain, Become the suppressor of my fear And the cleanser of my stains.