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13 05 2022  

The whirring never ceases

The whirring never ceases
In my head it buzzes
Words and rhymes
Blacks and whites
Always here
Always right

These marks of the past
Signs of the now
They babble and they cry
They chatter and they lie
About the future
About my hopes
About my fears
And my doubts

Who I am is never fixed
Is never still
Is never bright
Always it is
That I forget
The right sonnet
For I am shy

There is no truth
But what I speak
But what I spit
But what I dream
For in my mind
The whirring never ceases
Never pleases
Never laughs

Who am I save what I write?
Who am I save what I find
Hidden in the maze
Of my soul
Lying in wait
Till death comes close?

The whirring shall never cease
Is what I hope
And when it does
So will this tease
My life away
In this last breeze