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21 10 2020  

Winds of Unreality

I am not what I am
I am but what you see
I am but what I do
I am but winds of lies
airflows that hide my truth

Atmospheric signs rain upon my brow
The skies that be look down on me
washing away the deceit
that makes me the being you want to see

I sigh a new reality
I sign a new worldview
I sigh a storm of heres
of theres
and thens askew

I mind my own stream
of thoughts
I mind my mirroring shell
I mind my own breeze
of rights
I mind my echoing self

With winds of unreality
I shuffle the world around
and shift letters and words alike to make it all sound

With winds of un-realisation
I sing those words aloud
and breathe worldviews and worlds alive to make it all seem